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[Debian]: muLINUX, LINUX-Router (LRP), Debian-Linux

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I have goten the LINUX-Router ( http://www.linuxrouter.org/ ) and it works 
verry well from a 1.44 MB Flopy. 

Now I have found the muLINUX ( http://www4.pisoft.it/~andreoli/mulinux.html ) 
it runs verry well from two 1.73 MB Floppys inclusive X-Win.

Now I have find out, that all two Distributions are created from Debian.

My Question:    What must I install to do that too ??? Because I need 
                a verry sipmel Installation and distribution methode.

Requirements:   Must support 2/3 network cards (one with DHCP-Client for 
                the cabel-Modem), IP-Router, DNS-Server, Lynx, bandwidth 
                limiter and if possibel MegaByte-Counter for specified 
                internal IP-Addresses. Also it must run from a Floppy 
                and/or Harddisk on a FAT 16 partition.

I am beginning in LINUX and I have no (zero) experience to do that.

I need all Informations because I am in creation of a new LUG in Strasbourg 
but the frenchies cant speek verry well english (I am too, but better as 
all others). The (S)LUG will generaly support beginners of LINUX.

YOUR HELP will help more then 180 Cabel-Modem and Internet-Fans.

Many thanks for your help

Michelle's Internet Service

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11, rue de Rosheim                 67000 Strasbourg - France
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