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[Debian]: ;:?)

                   ***Timing Is Everything***

Do you sit at home cruising the Net saying "This is a Gold Mine"?
Have You figured out how to mine the net yet?
Do you Really want to?
Are you Ready?
We are!,
We Have,
We Love it, 
and we're willing to teach you!
The Internet is the wave of the future. To some worth Billions,
to others it will just be enough to pay their bills.
Some of us will get up and Do something. Others will watch.

If....and Only If,You are A Do'er,and ready to learn,
Reply with name.address,area code,phone number and the BEST time
to chat with you on the phone.
And a Little of why you are ready.
P.S ..This is Legal and NON Multi-Level, also it's NOT a Pyramid,
and it's NOT a scam...Its just SIMPLE common sense.
And What have you got to lose? A 20 min phone call...I pay for 

NO RESPONSE of any kind =  REMOVAL.
Have A Great Day! :?)
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