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Re: [Debian]: Linux Standard Base

On Wed, Feb 10, 1999 at 10:45:21AM +0100, Stefan Nobis wrote:

> Weiß hier eigentlich jemand zufällig, wie's zur Zeit mit der LSB
> aussieht? Als ich das letzte mal auf der Homepage war, konnte man in
> Erfahrung bringen, dass alle die LSB wollen, aber das war's dann auch.

In debian-devel hat Dale Scheetz (vor-)gestern einen Bericht eines Trips
to SF geschickt, dabei ging es scheinbar auch um die LSB. Ich schnippe
mal was davon raus...

Well, I'm back from my trip to SF, and although it rained most of the
time, and I didn't get to do any sight seeing; it was GREAT to meet and
talk with a physical group of Debian developers; and the LSB meetings were
_very_ productive and enjoyed by all participants; and even the
discussion between Bruce P., Ian J., and myself went very well.


The LSB meetings went very well. Asside from that I think I will let Ian
make his report to Debian (as I am an LSB "operative"). We covered a lot
of territory, in a mutual search for solutions, and while there were
arguments at times, it was clear to all that they were aimed at common
goals, and while I am certain that I enjoyed all of it, I got the feeling
that that enjoyment was had by all participants.


On the positive side, Monday's lunch included Linus among the rest of the
LSB meeting participants. Caldera, SuSE, and Red Had, as well as Debian,
had representatives at the table. With Dan Quinlan as the Chair, and
Stewart Anderson, Ralf Flaksa, and myself, as the three task leads
completing the group. Linus quickly became "one of the group" and lunch
was enjoyed by all. The food was wonderful, but this meal was no exception
for me, as I was able to eat little, probably caused by my rather hyper
state ;-)

Naja, richtig viel sagt er auch nicht. Warten wir also auf Ians report.


 "OS/2?  Hah.  I've got Linux.  What a cool name"  (Linus Torvalds)
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