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[Debian]: Commercial applications on Debian - What is libc.cat?

I have problems starting commercial applications on a Debian system. In detail:
I installed maple on a Debian 1.3 system (2.0 does not change much). If I 
start it (xmaple) on the system, it works fine. If I log in remote form a SUN 
workstation, I get a segmentation fault (both using rsh and ssh). I have 
another program with the same problem. Short before crashing both applications 
do not find libc.cat. I am not sure if this is related to the crash, but it 
could at least.

I do not want to post the long strace outputs, I therefore made them available 
over WEB:



Any other applications (e.g. StarOffice) work fine, i.e. the problem is not 
bound to all commercial applications, but it seems to happen often.

I would appreciate any suggestion.

Rainer Dorsch
Abt. Rechnerarchitektur  e-mail:rainer.dorsch@informatik.uni-stuttgart.de
Uni Stuttgart            Tel.: 0711-7816-215

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