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FElt (War Re: [Debian]: HTML-Archiv der Liste der ...)

Michael Taeschner wrote:

> Uebrigens, im Archiv von jfl (danke uer den Hinweis, dass es wieder
> laeuft!) sah ich Deine Antwort zu FEM / Felt: War nicht velvet das
> Programm mit der X-Oberflaeche und burlap eine Art interaktives
> FEM-Interface, in dem man a la Matlab die einzelnen Routinen manuell
> aufrufen kann... ?

Ja, genau, ich schick 'mal die Beschreibung aus der Liste "Linux
Software for Scientists" mit:

An introductory finite element analysis tool for solving linear problems
in statics and dynamics. FElt knows how to solve linear static and
dynamic structural and thermal analysis problems, and can also do modal
and spectral analysis for dynamic problems. The element library contains
14 different types of elements. Three user interfaces are available:
felt, a basic command-line application for solving problems given a
standard FElt input file; burlap, a powerful interactive scripting
environment; and velvet, a full-featured CAD-like pre- and
post-processor which uses the X Window System for a graphical
environment. All three use an ASCII-based syntax for problem definition
which allows analytic functions to be used in place of numeric values.
It also allows for time dependent forcing and boundary conditions to be
specified as analytic functions of time or as a series of discrete
time/magnitude pairs. The velvet interface lets problems be defined
graphically. It has powerful post-processing options including the
automatic generation of stress contour, displacement contour, and 2- and
3-D wire frame plots. Plots can be saved in PPM, EPS, and PostScript
formats. It can also do animations of transient structural analysis
problems and plot the mode shapes in a modal analysis problem. Other
applications in FElt are: 
corduroy, a commmand-line application which gives access to FElt's mesh
generation capabilities; 
patchwork, an application for input file format conversions; and 
yardstick, a simple application for problem scaling and unit

FElt can be obtained in a source code distribution as well as in binary
format for Linux Intel, Sun SunOS and Solaris, SGI IRIX, IBM AIX, HP-UX,
and DEC Ultrix platforms. Extensive documentation includes a 230 page
user's manual available in PostScript format. 


Gruss Gerhard
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