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Re: FW: RE: Dual boot

On Tue, 3 Feb 2004 12:34:55 +0000 (UTC), Bjorn wrote:

>> ===== Original Message From Bjorn Harbo <bharbo@online.no> =====
> OK, takk Peter.
> Jeg tillater meg å sitere fra pkt. 9.4 i installasjonsmanualen:


> For a basic setup just the first two lines are necessary. If you
> want to know more about the other two options please have a look at
> the LILO documentation.  This can be found in
> /usr/share/doc/lilo/. The file which should be read is
> Manual.txt. To have a quicker start into the world of booting a
> system you can also look at the LILO man pages lilo.conf(5) for an
> overview of configuration keywords and lilo(8) for description of
> the installation of the new configuration into the boot sector.


> Jeg håper du skjønner at dette er frustrerende: for det første
> ønsker jeg jo ikke å boote en annen Linux Kernel, men WinXP. Og hva
> i all verden skal jeg skrive i /etc/lilo.conf og hvor i filen???

Der står hvor du kan finde yderligere information?

Har læst LILO dokumentationen i /usr/share/doc/lilo og/eller manual
siden lilo.conf(5)?

,----[ Fra lilo.conf(5) ]
|        Used  to  load  systems  other  than  Linux.  The `other =
|        <device>' specifies the boot sector of an alternate system
|        contained  on  a  device  or disk partition; e.g., DOS on,
|        say, `/dev/hda2', or a floppy on `/dev/fd0'. [...]


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