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FW: RE: Dual boot

>===== Original Message From Bjorn Harbo <bharbo@online.no> =====
OK, takk Peter.
Jeg tillater meg å sitere fra pkt. 9.4 i installasjonsmanualen:
After a fresh install of Debian, just the current system is configured for
booting with LILO. If you want to boot another Linux kernel, you have to edit
the configuration file /etc/lilo.conf to add the following lines:

For a basic setup just the first two lines are necessary. If you want to know
more about the other two options please have a look at the LILO documentation.
This can be found in /usr/share/doc/lilo/. The file which should be read is
Manual.txt. To have a quicker start into the world of booting a system you can
also look at the LILO man pages lilo.conf(5) for an overview of configuration
keywords and lilo(8) for description of the installation of the new
configuration into the boot sector.

Notice that there are other boot loaders available in Debian GNU/Linux, such
as GRUB (in grub package), CHOS (in chos package), Extended-IPL (in extipl
package), loadlin (in loadlin package) etc.

Jeg håper du skjønner at dette er frustrerende: for det første ønsker jeg jo
ikke å boote en annen Linux Kernel, men WinXP. Og hva i all verden skal jeg
skrive i /etc/lilo.conf og hvor i filen???

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