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Camel down belt - «MAGIC BELT»

Camel down belt - «MAGIC BELT»

Camel Down Belt - MAGIC BELTHigh efficiency of the belt is achieved through combination of three unique components ? camel down, copper and the Bio-activator device.
Salutary properties of the camel down are known for a long time. It protects not only from overcooling during cold time, but also from overheating in heat. The camel down is more than twice easy than the sheep wool and besides it is much stronger. Therefore the camel down is known as the best material for manufacturing the health clothes.
It is scientifically proved that copper is very important for good body metabolism. It helps to regulate blood sugar, benefits the skin, keeps it healthy and more.
Magic belt may be helpful to people with the following conditions: Lumbago, Low back pain, some kidney and bladder problems, etc.

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