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Re: imatge de partició sense desmuntar-la


Se m'havia ocorregut el DD, però amb la partició montada no és recomanable (els fitxers que canviïn seran fets malbé):

La #2 o la #3 potser estarien be en el teu cas.

En el meu cas, faig servir la #4 molt sovint (backups diaris de SQL, setmanals de /var/www) i cada X temps, quan faig canvis grans al sistema, una imatge de Ghost (o Partimage).

1. I believe I've seen it recommended on this list that you can use "cp"
   with appropriate options.
2. You could probably do this with "rsync"
3. Personally, I've used tar to recreate the partitions.  I'm doing
   this off the top of my head, so it may not be perfect, but the way to
   do this would be to first create the partition on the new HD.  mount
   this partition on, say, "/mnt".  To duplicate /home, for instance,
   I'd "cd /home", then issue the command
          tar --one-file-system -cf - . | tar -C /mnt  -xf -

   (I think this is correct).

   note that with the --one-file-system option, any partitions mounted
   under the current structure won't be copied in this pass.  You will
   have to repeat this process for each partition you need to copy
   unless you wanted to get crafty and perhaps set up a mount system
   within the "/mnt" structure which duplicates your current system.

   After a quick "cp --help", I see that it, too has a --one-file-system
   option, so no doubt you could use an identical strategy using "cp" as
   with "tar".

4. One other option comes to mind.  If time is not of ultimate essence,
   you might want to consider backing up all personal (non-system) files
   you wish to keep and then do a re-install.  I know this sounds
   Windows-ish, but this way, you could insure that you do, indeed have
   a fresh install and none of the system files would be corrupted in
   the event that you had bad blocks containing any of these files on
   your old HD.

2006/10/21, stokerr@gmail.com <stokerr@gmail.com>:
Hola a tota la llista

estic buscan un soft que em permeti fer una imatge de la particó del sistema sense tenir que desmuntar ni parar el sistema
(com per exemple el True Image en windows)

la idea es que  vagi fent la imatge  de la partició del sustema  automaticament cada x setmanes (cron)

es possible amb linux?

la màquina te instal·lat un ubuntu-server 2.6.15-27 sense interficie gràfica


Andreu Bassols i Alcón
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