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Re: Accessibility as a reason to switch to XFCE?

Piñeiro <apinheiro@igalia.com> writes:

> Taking into account that the previous default desktop was GNOME (so
> GNOME Shell), this seems to suggest that GNOME accessibility support is
> broken. Probably some people think that because they are testing the
> accessibility support with the current Debian stable which still uses
> GNOME 3.4. This release was accessible enough for testing, getting
> feedback and solving bugs, but it is true that GNOME 3.4 was not
> end-user ready as far as accessibility support is concerned.

And that is, unfortunately, the root cause of the issue.
If GNOME knew that 3.4 was not end-user ready for users which need
accessibility, frankly, GNOME should never have release 3.4 as a stable

Debian had basically no choice but to ship this, since it was given to
"us" by upstream.  Now, the timing was of course bad, but since we were
about to release, we basically had to ship with 3.4.  Going back to
GNOME 2 (which I would have LOVED!!!) was just no option.

> But 3.4 was released one year and a half ago, and the situation has
> improved a lot since then.

This doesn't change the situation for Debian Stable.
We do not do major version upgrades in Stable, Period, and end of story.
So we are stuck with a barely usable desktop in Debian Stable,
accessibility-wise, which is very very bad.

> Right now the feedback from the Orca screen reader users' list with
> regards to the accessibility of  GNOME Shell is positive.

Thats good to hear.  I gave up on GNOME completely when GNOME 3 came
out.  Maybe I should give it a try, again.

That said, thanks for your input on this thread, it is very much

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