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Re: ANN: new boot disks to test

New go with the boot disks, mostly the same problems.

I'm setting up an NFSroot with the old Slink disks, but I've forgotten how
to make it boot over NFS again. I copied the vmlinuz file from the install
into /tftpboot/<HEX IP address>.SUN4C and passed some boot paramaters.

|ok boot net root=/dev/nfs nfsroot=
|Boot device: /sbus/le@0,c00000   File and args: root=/dev/nfs
nfsroot= ip=
|The file just loaded does not appear to be executable.

Could someone get me quickly fixed here, then I'll print out the
instructions and try not to lose them this time?
Machine is a Sparc IPX with generic 4x16MB 36-bit SIMMS and OEM hard
drive on serial console.

2000-01-06 images.

Booted by TFTP, serial console supplied by minicom.

Rebooted and supplied `TERM=vt102' to netboot to get rid of the slower 
colour/hi-graphics stuff. Not too bad.

Cursor is one line above and one charcell behind the hilighted
selection. But it is hilighted. Buttons have the cursor immediately
after the button hilighted.

Wishlist: Change the wording about the new ext2 `features'.
Something like `do you wish to use these new features (not reccomended
if you're going to use a 2.0 kernel), then the `yes' option will enable
the features. The current wording smacks me like a double-negative.

Now I go on to install the kernel and modules from `network'. I
configure the network up.

I leave the `network' install site as the default, and after a few
minutes (with modem activity) get
|nf_http_fetchfile :: couldn't open file
|/target/tmp/sun4c/disks-1.44/rescue.bin for writing

|Download of file disks-1.44/rescue.bin failed

I'm still getting the `invalid argument' error when mounting by NFS.
Though my NFS server tells me the mount was successful.

I have a working floppy drive on my lintel again, so I'll try making
bootfloppies in a little while. Long download on a 19.2k connection.

Then I get this at the shell (with a typo):
|# ae /etc/resolv/conf
|S-Lang Error: Unknown Error Code
|SLcurses_initscr: init failed

And I'm locked except I can break to PROM.

AND I forgot how to nfsrootboot linux on this thing. :/

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