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ANN: new boot disks to test

Ok, at http://xia01.kachinatech.com/~buildd/sparc-2.2.14-potato-boot/current
you will find the latest set of boot disks.


  * The sun4c kernel now has BOOTP/RARP/NFSROOT in the kernel. The sparc
    and sun4u disks have RARP/NFSROOT support.
  * Lots of general boot-floppies changes
  * The sun4c a.out image is now padded correctly.

The images at http://xia01.kachinatech.com/~buildd/ are the ones I used to
build these. I am really interested in some more sun4u and sun4c testing.
Any one who had problems before, please let me know how these do.


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