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Re: ANN: initial sparc potato boot floppies ready for testing

On Sun, Jan 09, 2000 at 04:29:40PM +0100, Eric Delaunay wrote:
> Pass TERM=vt100 or TERM=vt102 at boot time.  Current init process does not
> enforce TERM settings anymore ;((  I don't know wether I will enable it again
> or just let the user pass TERM=xxx at boot time.  Maybe a serial target for
> silo could also be helpful for floppy boot.
> On this topic, do you know about a way of identifying the type of console
> connected to the serial line ?  Is there an escape sequence that returns vt100
> or the like ?

IMHO, it's safe enough to assume vt100 as long as there's a way to
override that assumption if necessary. How many people actually use
terminals that don't speak vt100?

Mike Stone

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