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ANN: initial sparc potato boot floppies ready for testing

This is an initial shot at a set of boot floppies for sparc. Note that
this is not uploaded for the dist yet since it is a) based on
boot-floppies CVS and not the one in the potato archive, and b) uses a set
of 2.2.14 kernel images that can't be uploaded until the 2.2.14 source is
in the archive.

Several known issues/todo items:
  * I am working on updating the sparc related install/docs
  * These need severe testing

Some of the notable things with this set:
  * A new sun4c rescue image that can be used for _booting_ only. It
    should use the normal sun4cdm rescue image and drivers for
  * New and improved installation methods (general boot floppies, not
    sparc specific).

Here are a few things that I would like testers to pay close attention to:
  * The net boots. I need to make sure that the tftpboot.img can boot any
    supported system (sun4cdm and sun4u).
  * Serial console installs. Please note any console related error
    messages. This set of sparc boot floppies does not contain setserial,
    which was causing problems on the slink set.
  * The console font. The old 8x12 console font is out the door unless
    some one can honestly tell me they like reading "ant footprints"
    instead of this nice 12x22 PROM style font.
  * The sun4c image. It should only be needed if the standard sun4cdm
    image wont boot on your sun4c. It is very stripped down and serves
    only to bootstrap the install. To do this, only the ESP and LANCE
    drivers are present in the kernel. There is no frame buffer console,
    so I need to know of the base PROM console works. I also need to know
    if it allows you to actually install the system :)

Most of you probably skipped all the rest to scroll down to this highlited
URL, so here it is :)


Every little bit of feedback is welcome. Please send sparc specific
feedback to the debian-sparc@lists.debian.org list. General discussion to
debian-devel, and bug reports to the respective places.

Thanks, and happy installing,

/  Ben Collins  --  ...on that fantastic voyage...  --  Debian GNU/Linux   \
`     bcollins@debian.org  --  bcollins@openldap.org  --  bmc@visi.net     '

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