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Re: RFC: removal of libc5 from sparc dist

On Sat, Jan 01, 2000 at 05:35:05PM -0500, Ben Collins wrote:
> Soon after the slink release I requested comments for a decision to remove
> packages that supported libc5 for sparc (aka, xlib6 and other altdev
> packages). That has pretty much been taken care of. The reasons behind it
> were the lack of being able to build the latest libc5 for sparc, and also
> that libc5 was pretty broken on ultrasparc platforms.
> Now coming into the potato release, I want to get some comments on
> removing all traces of libc5 from the sparc dist. This includes altgcc and
> libc5 itself. I can find no reasons to keep it in the dist. As I've said
> before, there are no legacy applications that I know of that use libc5 on
> sparc, and now that jdk for sparc is compiled against glibc, that one
> milestone is gone too.
> Are there any real technical objections to this? If not, I'll start
> posting bug reports to strip the last remaining packages out.

I would think it's a great idea. It would be nice if all arches could
get away from libc5.

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