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Re: New kernel images available...

Ben Collins wrote:
> I have three new kernel images for sparc in incoming on master (hopefully
> installed tomorrow). There are sun4c, sparc and sun4u kernels. The sun4c
> image is mainly for setting up a minimal bootdisk to boot sun4c's (Eric's
> request).
> These are from the stock 2.2.13 source. Feel free to test them. I have
> enabled (and disabled) the options Eric requested for doing the proper
> boot things (bootp, nfsroot, loopback, etc...).
> Eric, can you take a look at the sun4c config? I removed almost
> everything, and the image uncompresses to around 1.7megs, and strips to
> just about 1.46 megs. I'm not sure if this is usable for what you needed,
> but let me know if there is anything else I can change (I'll get the
> changes out sooner this time :).
> Ben

Thanks Ben,  I got it yesterday but I'm having nasty troubles with my SCSI
subsystem and I don't think I can work with it immediately.
One of my SCSI disks is dying with I/O errors symptoms and my Magneto-Optical
drive used to transfer huges files from my lab to my home freezes the SCSI
chain every now an then :(
I hope to fix these problems asap, then I will build new bootdisks based on
your kernel images.


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