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New kernel images available...

I have three new kernel images for sparc in incoming on master (hopefully
installed tomorrow). There are sun4c, sparc and sun4u kernels. The sun4c
image is mainly for setting up a minimal bootdisk to boot sun4c's (Eric's

These are from the stock 2.2.13 source. Feel free to test them. I have
enabled (and disabled) the options Eric requested for doing the proper
boot things (bootp, nfsroot, loopback, etc...).

Eric, can you take a look at the sun4c config? I removed almost
everything, and the image uncompresses to around 1.7megs, and strips to
just about 1.46 megs. I'm not sure if this is usable for what you needed,
but let me know if there is anything else I can change (I'll get the
changes out sooner this time :).


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