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The NU seminars

From:The NewAmerica University (NU).
To:NU participant with the password [_ _ _R.S.]

(If you do not want to renew your membership,
put REMOVE and click REPLY).

URGENT. You should first review these seminars 
that are dealing with the upcoming (non-political) 
crises, which might effect your earnings:

1)Elimination of the income tax (the 9%PF).
2)Introduction  of the free for all National 
Health and Retirement Insurance plan(NHRI).
3)The world's only unbreakable password(SafeCode).
4)The total gun prohibition.
5)The 2 billion dollar law suit against Pacific 
Bell telephone company for encouraging spaming.
PS:To stop porno and commercial spam coming to 
your account, contact the INF (ISPs Network for 
Families).You no longer need to ask to be REMOVED 
the INF will do it for you (free of charge). 
REMINDER.Place the rest of your password(3 digits 
before your initials) in space provided [_ _ _]
and put in the subject line, when sending us an 
email. But, if you forgot how the password works,
or the seminars procedure, or report spam to INF, 
then access our data files http://john21.net/NU/

Thank you for your cooperation
Judy Anderson
NewAmerica University(NU)



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