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Re: Sound Issues

Paulo Henrique Baptista de Oliveira <baptista@cos.ufrj.br> writes:

> chris mckillop wrote:
> > Very Simple Question...
> >
> >         Has anyone gotten sound to work on an Ultra10 class workstation
> > using Debian?  I understand that the Redhat distro has a soundsetup
> > tool to enable and configure the sound system.  Right now, with a
> > custom built kernel, all I am able to get is static with the audio
> > being played very faintly in the background.  Any thoughts?

>     I want to setup sound in my Ultra 5! :)
>     Thanks,        Paulo Henrique

It kinda works on my Ultra5.  I get sound, but it only comes out of
the speaker, and I can't control the mixer.  I've managed to play
mp3's through it, though.


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