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Re: Current glibc and NIS

> I am having some problems with the current glibc from potato.  When I
> log into my UltraSparc running Debian that is a NIS client to an x86
> Debian box, I get timeout errors and eventually this causes ypserv
> to bail on the x86 box.  Has anyone else seen this problem?

We have three SPARC systems running here for developers and NIS works ok.
Here is the configurations (from motd):

             Welcome to Debian-UltraLinux Project!
  xia01: UltraSPARC I-170, 64MB, 3.5GB(system+/home), 13GB(/Debian)
         Debian 2.2 (Potato) Kernel 2.2.7(64-bit) (updated on 5/2/99)

  xia02: SPARCstation LX, 96MB, 1.08GB,
	 Debian 2.1 (Slink) Kernel 2.2.1(32-bit) (updated on 4/24/99)

  xia03: Sun Ultra30, UltraSPARC II-250, 128MB, 4.2GB(system and data)
         Debian 2.1 (Slink) Kernel 2.2.7(64-bit) (updated on 5/2/99)

  Note: xia01 and xia02 are contributed by Kachina Technologies, Inc.
  and xia03 is a loan system contributed by Sun Microsystems, Inc.

I remember it is neccessary to upgrade to 2.2.x kernel to get better
NFS stability.


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