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Re: More install problems under Ultra10 and tftp...

Eric Delaunay <delaunay@lix.polytechnique.fr> writes:

> Dale Scheetz wrote:

> > 2. For either "Hard disk" or "Mounted" access methods, when the image file
> >    is finaly found, the install croaks and returns to the initial "color
> >    choice" screen. The kernel is not extracted from the disk image.
> > 
> >    Investigation: The only file system supported by the kernel is ext2.
> >                   The kernel also fails to support the loop device, so
> >                   the rescue image file can not be mounted even if msdos
> >                   support _were_ provided by the kernel, which it isn't.
> Hmm, very bad news.  This kernel was sent to me by Steve Dunham.
> Steve, are iso9660 & loop devices now supported by 2.2.9 kernel from potato ?
> (also check nfsroot, rarp, bootp, serial console, ... to be sure).

Somehow iso9660 and loop got set to module, I'm not sure when that
happened.  I'll rebuild the kernels.  

I don't include the client side of rarp and bootp as they are very
annoying.  (Causes a huge delay on startup and mangles the address on
Ultras.)  Rarp/bootp is not needed for tftp, floppy or cdrom installs
(nfsroot is rarely, if ever used).  The rarp server is a module.
Serial console is enabled.


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