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Re[1]: Java on Ultra I with UltraLinux (RedHat)

Sorry, I'm new in Linux world (I got my Ultra-I this year,
I come from NextStep world).

I understood that I have to explain what is my research
 - I want to use Linux on my Sun computer, I got RedHat
because it was the first appropriate Linux distribution I
found on the net, but I'm not affraid to install a Debian
one, since there is one appropriate too.
 - I want to learn Java programming...
   So for you, I ask my question in another way :
  Is Debian offering a way to have Linux & JDK on Sun
Ultra-I Creator ?

Sorry for first mail.
And thanks for (quick) responses.

> -------Message d'origine-------
> murphy murphy <murphy2@caramail.com> writes:
> > I have to learn Java for my job.
> > I'm C++ programmer, and my employer want to use Java
> > technologies.
> > (It's nice for me : I wanted to learn Java !-)
> >
> > How and where can I get JDK for my Ultra I ?
> > Have I to get sources and compile it ?
> We probably not going to know... since this is a mailing
list about
> the Debian SPARC64 port.
> You probably should find an appropriate RedHat mailing
> --
> .....Adam Di

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