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Re: I have an Ultra-1 Creator.

murphy murphy <murphy2@caramail.com> writes:

> I installed Ultra-Penguin (RedHat based) distribution on my 
> workstation. But this one is a 32-bit distribution, running 
> on UltraSparc architecture.
> Is there any actually 64-bit distribution ?
> How can I contribute to help your developpement ?

There won't be an entire 64-bit distribution.  Because it will only
slow down applications.  Debian (and RedHat) will be adding 64-bit
support in the near future so you can compile apps that need 64-bit as
64-bit apps, but it is a bad idea to compile the entire distribution
as 64-bit.  (Both Solaris and IRIX also use a mixture of 64-bit and
32-bit applications.)


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