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building a custom kernel

I'm trying to figure out the proper procedures for building a sparc64 kernel.

I've downloaded the 2.2.9 kernel source and was in hope of building it
using the 64 bit features of the ultrasparc.

I installed the egcs64 package and notice I now have a sparc64-linux-gcc but
there is no -ld, ar,etc...like the Makefile for the kernel expects.  I've tried
the make-kpkg process as well and it isn't happy that these are missing as

My question I guess is is it ok to change the Makefile to just use ld, ar,
etc... instead of sparc64-linux-ld, etc...???

I'm extremly green when it comes to linux on sparcs and I'm still trying to
learn my way around it all...and sparc 64 is green as well.  I understand that
there are still several pieces left to be done in the 64bit arena before all
this will work the way it's supposed to, but I remember reading in the archives
that someone has compiled a 2.2.9/8/something kernel successfully and I just
want to find out how. :)

<trying to get sound and all working on this puppy).

I've also noticed that the package build process doesn't like (at least on my
ultra) links...dh_fixperms and move_files complains/dies when they try
moving/changing permissions on links saying the file doesn't exist (undocumented
man pages kill dh_fixperms).  Is this something I'm doing/done or is this just
one of the bugs in the system?


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