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Re: UltraSparc Power?


Donovan will be announcing the availability and shipping of our Penguin64, a
64-bit Linux server based on Sun's AXi board at the LinuxWorld Expo to be held at
San Jose Convention Centre from 2nd till 4th March. Penguin64 is equipped with a
300MHz UltraSPARC CPU with 512KB external cache, 64MB Memory exp. to 1GB, 4GB
UltraWide SCSI disk pre-loaded with UltraLinux, built-in dual-channel UltraWide
SCSI port, FastEthernet, serial and parallel port, 6 PCI slots (33Mhz and 66MHz)
and support Creator graphics.

It is listed at US$2,999. As an introductory offer till June 30, 1999, Penguin64
will be priced at US$2,499. Graphics option starts at US$119. You can visit our
booth at the Greenhouse pavilion or at the Sun's booth.


Steve George wrote:

> Hi,
> I was wondering if anyone could compare/contrast the speed/power of an
> UltraSparc 5 270 compared to a PC/Intel?
> I am looking into purchasing a Sun and have found some reasonable prices
> but having never made the jump am a little concerned that I might be
> purchasing a computer thats slower than my current P133/128MB.  Sun are
> saying that the 270 would be fine rather than the 333 and that an Ultra
> 5 would fit rather than an Ultra 10.  Could anyone comment a little as
> I'm a bit beyond my knowledge and this is quite a big purchase for me?
> It would be specifically for use with Linux, home usage with some 'fun'
> software projects.
> Also, can anyone tell me what the graphics are like under X.  The
> ability to only do 24bit seems a little wak.  Does anyone think it would
> be worth getting a Ultra 10 and better graphics?
> Thanks in advance for any help,
> Steve
> ps apologies for cross-posting but I couldn't think of any
> better/specific groups to ask.
> --
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