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1998-11-09 status

YASR (yet another status report :)

Things are building happily on the system I have, and I will do a bulk 
upload in the next few days.  I'm trying to get as much of a Debian system 
together (and compile all necessary standard debs) that we can build a 
system from scratch, that would make the debs we create a lot more 
trustworthy.  Sections I'm currently working on are:
admin, base, comm, devel, doc, shells, utils, libs, text (and maybe one 
other)  What's the best way to identify all packages needed for a 'from 
scratch' build of a debian system?  I'm assuming that's all debs with a 
standard priority...

Note that the debs that are currently being uploaded are built on a hybrid 
system, and should not be used unless you have to!


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