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Re: Helping the Ultra Sparc port.

Hi dear Ultras,

I was just wondering about performances.

First let me apologize if I bother you with dumb questions,
but don't we need everyone to make it "the world" ?

Second let me ask my dumb question :
I tried once to convert my simulation code to long double under
a Sparc 5 and ended up having an awfully much much slower prg
then the double one.  I used the C++ CC from Sunpro tools which
I think was using 64 bit for long double.  I was wondering how
performances will be concerned by 64 bits ?  I think that the
processor of the Sparc 5 was a 64 bits.  Because i am
very interested by precision in my calculations, I tried several
multiprecision packages, but all ended up being useless because
much slower.  Only the fake long doubles of PCs helped me a bit.

I may have completely misunderstood something, don't be too
hard on me when answering.

Thanks a lot,

Claude CIRBA (mailto:pastel@vuse.vanderbilt.edu)
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