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Re: Booted Ultra

"Nils Lohner" <lohner@ICD.Teradyne.COM> writes:
> I got the Ultra30 to boot last night, using the kernel and root disks off 
> the ultrapenguin web sites using RARP and TFTPD on my debian linux box.  Now 
> I'm (slowly) downloading the ultrapenguin dist to do an installation.  Ward, 
> can you please make the ultrapenguin files you have mirrored available on 
> xia01 or xia03?  I looked through the moutn points there but didn't find 
> it... My connections are HORRIBLE to the .cz sites.

I had problems with the next step (getting the RedHat install process to
properly recognize the package set).  I'll be interested to hear how it


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