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rsync vger mirror now available...

I mailed the vger people and they have now set up an rsync mirror for us to 
use... 'ftp' is the one we would want.  Do they have 1.0.9 there too?  I 
didn't see it yesterday...


~ (1) rsync vger.rutgers.edu:: /tmp
This anonymous rsync server was setup for mirroring of the vger CVS
tree. Contact tridge@samba.anu.edu.au if you want accesss to this

cvs             CVS repository
ftp             whole ftp tree

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> I'm looking to get the latest ultrapenguin mirrored, but all I see as a 
> target is CVS.  Is that the ultralinux kernel, or what is contained in that? 
>  I can get the kernel via CVS no problem, but I'd really like to be able to 
> rsync mirror the ultralinux distribution (1.09 I guess is the latest)

ok, I've rsync exported "ftp" as the whole ftp area.


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