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Re: Ultra Sparc thoughts

Ward, where (and how) do you mirror it from?  Please give us some 
instructions on this... I haven't found anything later than 1.0 and that's 
from 1997 on the ultralinux sites.  Also some info on setting up TFTP might 
be useful.  I have the RARP stuff figured out already.  Should the SPARC 
kernel run on the ultras?

Thanks, Nils.

In message <Pine.LNX.3.96.981027144436.7941N-100000@ruby.intranet.kachinatech
om>, Ward Deng writes:
>> How do you install UltraPenquin on a new Sparc? Doesn't Red Hat provide an
>> installation CD?
>No RH CD available for UltraPenguin. I have a local mirror of
>ultrapenguin-1.0.9 and use tftpd to boot the kernel. Then use NFS to
>install the software.

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