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Bug#880917: cross-gcc-dev: gcc-8/0008-g-include-directories-functional-again.patch: broken patch

Wookey <wookey@wookware.org> writes:

>> Hi Dima and Wookey,
>> gcc-8/0008-g-include-directories-functional-again.patch has two hunks.
>> The first of the modifies a hunk header of g++-multiarch-incdir.diff.
>> That modification turns g++-multiarch-incdir.diff into a broken patch.
>> The first hunk should be removed.
> OK. Done. Seems to build a cross-gcc-8 OK
> The patch is attached.
> Not sure where the offical git repo is, so I've not attempted to
> update that, just the actual package in the archive.

Thanks for taking care of it. I need a few days to integrate it into the

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