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Bug#880917: cross-gcc-dev: gcc-8/0008-g-include-directories-functional-again.patch: broken patch

Package: cross-gcc-dev
Version: 154
Tags: patch
User: helmutg@debian.org
Usertags: rebootstrap

Hi Dima and Wookey,

thanks for maintaining cross-gcc-dev. I noticed while the present gcc-8
patches do apply against gcc-8, they end up breaking
gcc-8/0008-g-include-directories-functional-again.patch has two hunks.
The first of the modifies a hunk header of g++-multiarch-incdir.diff.
That modification turns g++-multiarch-incdir.diff into a broken patch.
The first hunk should be removed. The following command nullifies it:

sed -i -e '/^+@@ -223,7 +235,45 @@/s/45/16/' patches/gcc-8/0008-g-include-directories-functional-again.patch

After doing so, I can bootstrap gcc-8 for some architectures.


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