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Re: Arm bof and raspbian.

Wookey wrote:
+++ Wookey [2013-08-17 11:44 +0100]:
Doko does not like the separate compiler-defaults package, arguing
that each compiler sets its defaults in different ways and that this
is not a common-source thing. Consider llvm as well as the various GNU
Even if it was limited to the gcc family of compilers it would still be useful IMO.
He proposes instead to use dpkg-vendor to set raspbian defaults when
building for raspbian, which will solve your problem. This mechanism
exists to enable derivatives to upstream their build-variations to get
rid of exactly this class of 'annoying local patch'.
I'm not entirely convinced adding yet more complexity and information that belongs in derivatives to the gcc source packages in debian is really a very good way forward. Also while it would solve the problem for us it means every time someone wants to do a new "rebuild with changed defaults" they are back to square one patching every compiler package seperately until they are big enough to be recognised by debian.

Still if this is really the way you want to go I guess i'll go along with it.
 You will need to
set $DEB_VENDOR or change the /etc/dpkg/origins file on your buildds
if they are not in fact runing raspbian, but debian.
The raspbian buildds run debian as the host system but raspbian inside the build chroots so as long as it's the vendor stuff inside the chroots that matters this shouldn't be too hard to handle (i'll just have to work out what patching is needed but it looks like I can use ubuntu as an example so hopefully it won't be too hard)
It would be good if Raspbian added itself to the debian derivatives
census: https://wiki.debian.org/Derivatives/Census because one of the
items recorded there is the dpkg-vendor label used by that derivative.
(I think, although I can't see it there right now)
Agreed, this has been on my todo list for a while.

Some questions about the census template

1: what should I do if we don't have one of the things the template asks about? for example we don't have a blog or a microblog, should I just delete that line or should I do something else. 2: when a line in the template shows a list of choices am I limited to those choices? if so what should I do when none of those choices matches my distro?

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