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Re: Arm bof and raspbian.

+++ Wookey [2013-08-17 11:44 +0100]:
> +++ peter green [2013-08-16 11:53 +0100]:
> > 1: centralise compiler defaults. Having to patch every bloody
> > compiler package gets annoying fast and also makes it very difficult
> > to multiarch raspbian with official ports of debian due to the
> > version skew it creates (in particular with libgcc). I made a post
> > about this to debian-gcc last month* but got no response. I've also
> > been talking about it on irc with wooky, disussion pasted at the
> > bottom of this email.
> I don't think this is an easy matter, but it does deserve
> consideration. I'll talk to doko some more, and reply in the thread
> you already started.

Doko does not like the separate compiler-defaults package, arguing
that each compiler sets its defaults in different ways and that this
is not a common-source thing. Consider llvm as well as the various GNU

He proposes instead to use dpkg-vendor to set raspbian defaults when
building for raspbian, which will solve your problem. This mechanism
exists to enable derivatives to upstream their build-variations to get
rid of exactly this class of 'annoying local patch'. You will need to
set $DEB_VENDOR or change the /etc/dpkg/origins file on your buildds
if they are not in fact runing raspbian, but debian.

It would be good if Raspbian added itself to the debian derivatives
census: https://wiki.debian.org/Derivatives/Census because one of the
items recorded there is the dpkg-vendor label used by that derivative.
(I think, although I can't see it there right now)


So patches for using that mechanism to set your compiler options
will be accepted, or if you tell us what string to check you might
even get doko to just add it for.

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