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Re: gfortran-4.3 the default gfortran compiler, blas and lapack uploaded to unstable

kumar.appaiah@gmail.com writes:
> On 24/01/2008, Kevin B. McCarty wrote:
> > As soon as your new NMUs of the lapack and atlas packages have passed
> > through NEW into Sid, the following will hold:
> Sorry to interrupt the thread, but if the Ubuntu build logs are
> anything to go by, I guess we could face lapack FTBFSing on us on
> several architectures (notably, even i386).
> https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lapack/3.0.20000531a-1.1ubuntu1

no, that's a buildd problem.
> I would, therefore, try out two things; one would be a totally
> unpatched Lapack, and the second level would be to painstakingly merge
> Camm's patches with the new Lapack. However, the latter, I assure you,
> will be _really_ painful; I had to spend several hours for Blas, and
> if that is any indication, re-patching Lapack is going to be worse
> (though I am willing to do it, should the need to do it arise). But,
> as always it'd be great if someone else could do this before me! :-)
> (Please note that I am no expert in either the toolchain or Fortran,
> but I just hope my remarks make sense. Apologies for any mistakes I
> make).

I can sponsor a new lapack upload for experimental, once the current
upload is out of the NEW queue.


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