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New Lapack Build-Depends?

Dear Debian toolchain,

I observed that Camm now has a Lapack for experimental in NEW. It is
the old upstream version, since it is his view that the tasks of
gfortran transition and new upstream release should be separate:

In the mean while, Matthias has sponsored my Lapack (3.1.1-0.1) which
has already entered experimental, and Riku has sponsored one of my
dependency packages (libitpp6), which is waiting in NEW. Now, my
queries are these:

1. Camm has renamed the binary packages to liblapack3* (like
liblapack3gf). Do we now have to make a request to get lapack3
(3.1.1-0.1) removed, or will that be taken care of as soon as Camm
gets the new lapack going?

2. Do I leave the libitpp6 upload as it is, or do I create another
libitpp6 which Build-Depends on Camm's upload?

3. What are the next packages in line? I would make a request to doko
to consider pushing in python-numpy, following which I can request the
SciPy maintainer to put python-scipy there as well. We may also want
to contact the pkg-octave team, though I don't know when would be the
right time.

The bottleneck, basically, is the NEW queue, because people can't
really use the packages till they are made available. An alternative
would be to request Camm to release the packages he is uploading to
NEW at a separate place so that they needn't really wait for the NEW
queue. (My lapack3 package is at doko's page at


Kumar Appaiah,
458, Jamuna Hostel,
Indian Institute of Technology Madras,
Chennai - 600 036

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