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Re: ldbl128 transition for alpha, powerpc, sparc, s390

On Mon, 27 Aug 2007, Jeff Licquia wrote:

I plan to submit bug reports with severity `serious' for all source
packages matching the above description (although if somebody wants to
handle this transition, please go ahead).


Given what the LSB is, I expect that at least these packages need to be
updated to build using the old ABI.  How can this be done?

-mlong-double-64 can be used. I'm not sure what the LSB decided on
this issue, which was brought up on the LSB meeting last year in
Berlin. Maybe Joey or Matt could follow up?

lsb-build-base2 corresponds to LSB version 2, and lsb-build-base3
corresponds to LSB version 3.  Whatever the LSB decides for the ABI going
forward, surely the ABI needs to remain unchanged for the existing versions?

Just saw this; sorry for the late reply.

The LSB does have an issue with this.  A future version of the SDK will
likely invoke -mlong-double-64 automatically for LSB builds.  We haven't
decided yet what will happen in the future, but whatever it is, it
probably won't appear in the LSB until the release of 4.0, which is at
least a year away.

lsb-build-base2 and lsb-build-base3 must preserve the old behavior when
building apps for those releases of the LSB. The -mlong-double-64 should
do the trick. I'll be taking care of adding that soon.

LSB 4.0 should probably specify the 128 bit behavior for those architectures
and lsb-build-base4 will ensure it builds apps accordingly.


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