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FYI, dejagnu problems...

I just found a bug in the latest dejagnu package that was uploaded to
master so, if you get failing testsuite runs that look suspicious or
complain about makefile-style vars being invalid arguments, you'll know
it's the same bug.  I posted a URL to a patch to the bug report (bug
#134909; severity grave) and I've confirmed it works.  It's been fixed in
upstream dejagnu CVS (and doesn't affect dejagnu tarballs/CVS from

I'm holding off the upload of the strip/libgcj-fixed binutils since a
broken dejagnu will no doubt break builds on nearly all archs.  If I don't
see a fixed dejagnu by Friday, I'll upload anyway and either temporarily
forget about running the testsuite or check the dejagnu rev installed to
figure out whether I should run it or not (fails in ld tests).

Figured I'd let ya know :-)

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