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Toolchain -> MIPS target

I want to set up a cross-development environment for an embedded mips target.
I grabbed the toolchain-source package.
Ran "tpkg-make mips", which generated a binutils-mips and gcc-mips in /usr/src.
Went into binutils-mips, debuild, debi, all good.
However, I enter gcc-mips, debuild, and the linker dies complaining that
it can't find crti.o.  Part of glibc, which I have no MIPS build of.  Fine.
To check that everything was working okay, I changed the debian/rules script
to configure gcc with --disable-shared.  With this, the build completed,
but it seems at this point I should compile glibc so that i can recompile
gcc with --enable-shared.

Is there a standard way to do this, to keep consistency with the Debian process?
Or do I just grab glibc, configure for mips, make, install somwhere, and then rebuild
the gcc debian package with --enable-shared?

Sorry if I'm missing something.  I'm new to this and finding straightforward
documentation is difficult.

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