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Re: experimental gcc-2.95.3 and gcc-2.97 (20001224)

Ben Collins writes:
 > >  > PLEASE hardcode it!  That's a pretty stiff disadvantage.
 > > 
 > > Done. So each architecture has to decide, which one to use as the default.
 > How is the default setup?

Default compilers are from the 2.95.3 package.

 > With alternatives?

No alternatives are used. That was my understanding of hardcoding.

 > Are the alternative priorities set on a per arch basis?

That was my intention to have.

Currently the gcc-2.95.2 package has binaries {c89,gcc,gcov}{,-2.95}.
g++-2.95.2 has binaries g++-2.95 and g++. gcc-2.97 has the gcc-2.97
binary and g++-2.97 the g++-2.97 binary. Both gcc-2.9x and g++-2.9x
packages provide an alternative cc/c++. By using gcc/g++ you get the
default compiler per architecture.

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