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experimental gcc-2.95.3 (20001222)

... can be found at http://master.debian.org/~doko/gcc. This includes
Bernd's 20001221 patch kit. The package builds fine for i386, on m68k
the build fails in libchill according to Christian. The patches for
arm and powerpc do not apply cleanly anymore. I didn't check for alpha
and sparc. If I have a wish free for Christmas, then please send me
updated patches ;-)

The packages now installed versioned driver names (gcc-2.95). The
plain driver name (gcc) is provided by an alternative. Not sure if
this will stay like this or if the driver names should be hardcoded as
symbolic links and for each architecture it should be decided which
compiler version to use as the default version.

advantages for alternatives are:
- switching between compiler versions is easy.

disadvantages are:
- you don't know which compiler was used, when looking for bug reports

Fröhliche Weihnachten


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