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Re: State of the Woody

On Thu, Dec 21, 2000 at 10:04:18AM -0500, David B. Teague wrote:
> Ben
> Please explain what kinds of things don't compile. 
> You don't tell me enough for me to tell if I can be helpful, but here
> is a shot in the dark. I apologize for posting this if not apropos. 

I mean that I tried compiling some C++ programs in Debian (apt being one of
them), and they did not compile out-of-the-box with libstdc++-v3. I'm not
a C++ programmer, I am just testing what the effects of moving to
libstdc++-v3 will be.

If all of the C++ applications in Debian have to be modified just to
compile cleanly (a few mods is ok, modifying all of them isn't), then I
don't think moving to libstdc++-v3 will be a good idea.

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