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Re: gcc, binutils, libc, gdb for Amtel AVR microcontrollers

On Mon, 2 Oct 2000, Matthias Klose wrote:

> - that means, for all architectures we will build cross compilers for avr?
>   Is this reasonable?

It depends.  I think it is if we're officially going to support a port to
those targets.  I intend only on having binutils build either the targets
where a cross-assembler package already exists (m68k) or where the target
is embedded and a port is anticipated.  If the targets themselves could
run binutils, I would've said no, but it's kind of hard for embedded ports
that can't.  The above comment only applies to binutils.  You obviously
speak for gcc, so doing similar for gcc would be up to you.

> - I never succeeded to build objc with gc enabled as a cross
>   compiler. Neither gpc, g77, chill und gcj. Is it necessary to
>   include support for building these cross compilers in the gcc
>   package?

Me either.  I'm not sure it's a good idea to use gc on some of the targets
so far, though, since they're not terribly mature yet.  I won't even go
into the Chill issues with gc (you probably already read today's thread on
Chill on the gcc list)... :-)

> I am currently adapting the gcc-2.95.2-15 changes to the gcc-snapshot
> package (which will become the gcc3 package). Then a next version of
> the gcc3 package is my goal, probably already with the cross compiler
> patch merged in.

FYI, did Ben forward my build log to you (gpc bootstrap ICE)?  Just
curious since, currently, Alpha has an older gpc package in the archive
since I couldn't build a newer one...


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