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Re: gcc, binutils, libc, gdb for Amtel AVR microcontrollers

Hakan Ardo writes:
 > OK, here is now this patch agains 2.95.2-14, where I have added the avr
 > target. The default action for the rules files are now to build the native
 > packages as well as gcc-avr and cpp-avr. The other targets would not compile
 > on my box. I was probably missing some includefiles or something.

- that means, for all architectures we will build cross compilers for avr?
  Is this reasonable?

- what about depending on some environment variable (DEB_BUILD_CROSS)
  to build the cross compiler packages "on demand"?

 > Also note that the avr patch applied before building those debs have been
 > integrated with the gcc CVS tree, so when you move to gcc 3.0 this patch
 > should no longer be applied.

- please send the files in debian/patches; not included in your last mail.

 > I also had to disable with_objc_gc (in rules.defs) to compile on this box.
 > You might want to enable that again.

- I never succeeded to build objc with gc enabled as a cross
  compiler. Neither gpc, g77, chill und gcj. Is it necessary to
  include support for building these cross compilers in the gcc

I am currently adapting the gcc-2.95.2-15 changes to the gcc-snapshot
package (which will become the gcc3 package). Then a next version of
the gcc3 package is my goal, probably already with the cross compiler
patch merged in.

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