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Re: pgf - updates and future

On Tue, Mar 11, 2014 at 12:54:17AM +0900, OHURA Makoto wrote:
>   Hi, all.
>   Sorry for my reply to be late.  I'm very fine, but there is no
> enough time to work for Debian now.  I hope to work again in the near
> future.

Hi Makoto-san!

Thanks for letting us know!  We know what Real Life is like, and many
of us run out of time for Debian work :-)  Good luck with what you are
doing now!

> > * We could phase out the independent pgf package and re-include it
> >   in the texlive-pictures package, which includes several extensions
> >   of tikz and other graphics packages.
>   I think that this third option is most effective for maintaining
> related packages.  I agree with this.

That sounds good - Norbert will take care of it, I trust!


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