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Re: pgf - updates and future

  Hi, all.

  Sorry for my reply to be late.  I'm very fine, but there is no
enough time to work for Debian now.  I hope to work again in the near

At Fri, 28 Feb 2014 09:37:39 +0900,
Norbert Preining wrote:
> I would like to inquire about your future plans regarding pgf?
> A new release has been made in 12/2013, finally after many years,
> and the new release has also entered TeX Live (upstream) already.
> I would like to see the new pgf rather soon in Debian, so I would
> like to hear your opinion, as there are a few things I can offer you,
> if you want:
> * I can help packaging, in fact I have created a git repo (locally
>   by now) where I imported your 2.10-1 package and the new upstream
>   source, and started the necessary changes of the packaging.
>   If you have some VCS repository (svn, git, bzr, whatever) that is
>   accessible I can contribute.
> * We could move the pgf package into the Debian TeX Group and use
>   your repository or start a new one in the git.debian.org debian-tex
>   realm.
> * We could phase out the independent pgf package and re-include it
>   in the texlive-pictures package, which includes several extensions
>   of tikz and other graphics packages.

  I think that this third option is most effective for maintaining
related packages.  I agree with this.


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