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Bug#683943: luatex: fontconfig overridden by OSFONTDIR in default settings

On 19 August 2012 20:43, Frank Kuester <frank@kuesterei.ch> wrote:
> As far as I read the text quoted above, OSFONTDIR is _not_ meant for
> this.  It is meant to access fonts outside the TEXMF trees, and if an
> engine has a better way to achieve this, I don't see how this engine
> should require the variable to be unset.

I would be very happy with this interpretation; I was trying, to see
things from the implementors' point of view. In particular it seems
logical to me that a TeX mechanism (OSFONTDIR kpathsea variable)
should override a platform/build-specific mechanism (fontconfig). In
particular, that's the only obvious way to construct a cross-platform
configuration that will work on systems both with and without
fontconfig. However, I have not looked at any documentation about how
fontconfig is used by TeX engines, nor looked at their source code.

The behaviour I've described is how it currently works (or at least,
seems to), and that in itself is something not to change lightly. As
to how it is intended to work, given the lack of authoritative
documentation, I can only suggest you consult the source code (for
comments) or failing that its author(s)/maintainer(s).

Thanks very much for your work on this bug.


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