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Bug#683944: texlive: Please set TEXMFCNF by default

On 12 August 2012 11:41, Frank Kuester <frank@kuesterei.ch> wrote:
> Sorry, I was confused, but your wording was a bit unclear

Apologies. I didn't understand the full complexity of the situation.

> - you don't
> want the variable to be set, but to be set differently.


> And you also
> didn't say which type of configuration you mean:

I didn't realise there were different sorts, sorry.

> This is already catered for.  What you probably mean is to have your own
> per-user texmf.cnf, don't you?

That is what I wanted.

> In earlier days, this wouldn't work at all, anyway, but I guess it is
> possible in TeXLive 2012.

I have used it at least since TeXLive 2007.

> I don't know, however, whether adding ~/.texmf-config to TEXMFNCF can
> have undesired side effects, or rather that only parts of the settings
> would work, as it was earlier.

I have noticed no bad side effects, but as I said above, I'm no
expert, hence my question.


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