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Re: Freeze exception for texlive-extra 2012.20120611-2

Hi Adam,

On Mi, 01 Aug 2012, Adam D. Barratt wrote:
> 48 hours really isn't very long to wait before chasing.  It's a little
> quick when we're not frozen tbh and at low urgency the package won't be
> eligible to migrate for another week in any case.

Sorry for the pressure, my laptop broke, I am leaving for 2 weeks
of travelling, so I wanted to close some loose ends.

> I must admit to being a little confused as to why tpm2deb.cfg is shipped
> in the source package if it's not used.  The call to dh_lintian should

As Frank explained: We have one configuration file that is used in
four different source packages. THe changes that are in there are
only used in texlive-base building process, but other lines in tpm2deb.cfg
are used during building texlive-extra.

> However, the source package appears to already handle binary lintian
> overrides by its own method and I don't think it's worth the build or
> review time just to fix the changelog so have unblocked the package.
> I'd ask that you please bear the above comments in mind for future
> uploads.

Thanks a lot, and sorry for the inconveniences


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