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Re: TeXlive and xdg-utils

On 06/07/12 09:27, Hilmar Preusse wrote:
On 06.07.12 Jerome BENOIT (g6299304p@rezozer.net) wrote:


I have just updated my Wheezy boxes:
I am very surprise to see that texlive-base depends now on xdg-utils.

Is it a bug ?

texlive-base (2012.20120611-2) unstable; urgency=low

   * texdoc: switch from see to xdg-open, change dependency from mime-support
     to xdg-utils (Closes: #678747)
   * natbib: fix spurious spaces when using \defcitealias (Closes: #628044)

Looks rather like intention.

Indeed, but it is getting hard now to install a basic TeX on a (free)desktop free computer, hence my email.
Is it possible to use an alternative to xdg-open ?
Is it possible to put texdoc stuff aside texlive-base ?



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